The Digital RedBook is a customisable ebook containing your media coverage, which is automatically created and delivered to you on daily, weekly or monthly basis.



All your keyword matching clips, from print, broadcast, online and social media.


Allocated clips are compiled in a Digital RedBook, which is automatically created and electronically delivered to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


You can review, analyse and comment on the articles within the RedBook.


Showcase the media coverage you have received by sharing your RedBook with colleagues or clients.







RedBooks are fully customisable. They can be easily modified and personalised to include your own front cover image and logo. You can choose the colour of the RedBook and order the clips according to your preference – by date, alphabetically or AVE value. Additionally, you can include or exclude selected clips, clip meta-data, the AVE and book title. The RedBook gives you a competitive edge as it becomes entirely unique to your reporting and presentation requirements.


The ‘Clip Search’ feature allows you to quickly search for specific print, broadcast, online and social media clips from all your media coverage. You can create a new RedBook with the clips you have selected or add them to an existing book. It also gives you the option to include a clip or clips from one RedBook to another.


Your virtual bookshelf displays all monitored campaigns, brands or topics, which can be included in a single RedBook. This makes reviewing all the coverage you or clients receive, a quick and easy process. Not only can you edit existing RedBooks, but you can create entirely new books too! This is perfect if you wish to showcase specific coverage separately. Group contribution and collaboration is encouraged too, as multiple users can access the same RedBook.


The user-friendly interface includes quick search and viewing functions for easy navigation and compilation of new RedBooks. The index allows for speedy and direct access to clips. The interactive comments function allows you to add comments to articles and share them with your colleagues or clients. The responsive design is compatible with mobile, tablet and desktops.


Do you want people to know about the media coverage your brand or campaign has received? Share your RedBooks directly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Email, or download the RedBook as a PDF.


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